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Target Card Data Breach – What Customers Need to Know

Update 12.31.2013

Target Stores have now reported that encrypted PIN information was also stolen along with the credit and debit card numbers. They have stated, however, that the PIN numbers are fully encrypted and should be inaccessible without the key. Nonetheless, Southern Bancorp continues to urge customers to be vigilant about monitoring their accounts. All affected customers have been mailed letters explaining the situation and what Southern is doing to protect their accounts. If you feel your account may have been compromised and want more information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service line at 1-800-789-3428.

Update 12.20.2013

Target Stores has reported a data breach compromising a large number of credit and debit cards, including some Southern Bancorp cards. According to Target Stores, cards used at Target locations on November 27th through December 15th may be affected. Information compromised appears to include card number, expiration date, and CVV security codes. At this time, it has not been reported that PIN information was compromised.

Southern Bancorp takes the protection of your personal and account information very seriously. We continuously monitor debit cards for possible fraud, so we may call you to verify whether you conducted certain transactions.

As a retail customer, you may not be responsible for fraudulent charges that occur on your card provided you monitor activity on your account and promptly notify the bank of suspected unauthorized transactions. If you notice any suspicious activity or fraud on your account, please contact us immediately so that we may block your card and start the dispute process. If you need to block your card during non-business hours, you can either call the 1-800 number on the back of your card or block your card in Web Banking by clicking the Customer Service tab and then Manage ATM/Debit Cards.

We are working on solutions to reduce risk to your account information and funds should you be affected. We will be in contact with customers whose card data may have been compromised. Please open any mailed notices from Southern Bancorp, as they may include important instructions for you to follow.

If the bank needs to contact you, we will call, mail, or send a secure message via Web Banking. If we call you, we will never ask for your account information. Additionally, we will never send unsecured emails or texts asking for account information. If you are contacted by an entity claiming to be Southern Bancorp or our affiliate and asked to verify private information, be very cautious. “Phishing” is a common tactic used by fraudsters that involves impersonating a bank employee to try to gain information from a customer for fraudulent use. Additionally, if we call there will be a person on the line—we do not use automated phone systems. If in doubt, do not give any information and call the bank directly, either your local branch or our customer service number: 1-800-789-3428

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