Governor Mike Beebe speaks to students

In honor of the inaugural class of the Arkadelphia Promise Scholarship, Arkadelphia High School will be hosting Arkadelphia Promise Academic Signing Day on Wednesday, May 18 at 1:30. The scholarship program is funded by Southern Bancorp and the Ross Foundation, both...

Southern Good Faith Fund welcomes three new members to Board of Directors

PINE BLUFF—Jerry Damerow and Kim Evans, both of Little Rock, and Ben Steinberg of Helena-West Helena have joined the Southern Good Faith Fund Board of Directors, Southern Good Faith Fund President Angela Duran announced today.

Herman Davenport of Little Rock, a Southern Good Faith board member since 2002, also has been elected to serve as board Chairman, Duran said.

Ben Steinberg Receives Non-Profit Executive of the Year Award

Ben Steinberg came to Little Rock four years ago as a volunteer in Wesley Clark’s presidential campaign and never left the state.

In July 2004, he made a home in Arkansas as the president of Southern Financial Partners in Helena. “Our goal is to revitalize distressed rural communities,” the 40-year-old California native said.