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An Interview with Senator Blanche Lincoln

Senator Blanche Lincoln was recently interviewed by The MicroEnterprise Journal’s MicroBusiness News Briefs. MNB has begun conducting interviews with members of the Senate who are also members of Generation Jones: born between 1954 and 1965 and mistakenly called Boomers for most of our lives.

Jonsers are an interesting mix, possessing both the idealism of the Boomers and the realism of GenXers. We are less prone to ideological dogma and more inclined toward practical problem-solving. After all the partisan sniping of recent years, Jonsers are coming into a position in which they really will have the power to change the tone in Washington.

That represents a pretty titanic shift in the way things are done in our nation’s capitol. As a sort of preview, I’ll be talking to some of them begining with this conversation with Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat of Arkansas, on the issue of rural development.

Listen to Senator Lincoln’s interview below:


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