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As a bank on a mission, Southern Bancorp is fully committed to creating economic opportunities in rural and underserved communities to build communities and change lives. You can be part of that effort in a number of ways.


Bank on Values – Bank with Southern

Can your bank say that by banking with them you are making a significant social and economic impact on your community? If you’re banking with Southern Bancorp you can. From opening an account to buying a home to starting your business, when you bank with us, you can take pride in knowing that your investment is making a difference to countless families in your community and those surrounding it.

By banking with us, you are making it possible for first time homeowners in economically distressed communities to realize their dream of safe, affordable housing.

By banking with us, you are supporting entrepreneurs who have the passion to create jobs and help their community grow through sound economic investment.

By banking with us, you are helping fight predatory lenders while breaking the cycle of generational poverty that exists in many rural, underserved communities.

To begin banking on values, contact us today or visit a branch near you.


Become a Shareholder

Since Southern Bancorp is not your typical financial institution, it makes sense that our shareholders are not your typical financial investor. While our organization balances profit with purpose, our shareholders also seek out financial and social returns in equal measure. Our unique structure offers several investment opportunities, ranging from tax deductible donations and investments to our 501 (c)(3) to capital investments in our community development bank. Whatever your investment goal, we have an option to fit your risk structure, your return priorities and your social impact goals. Contact us today to learn what options might fit you or your organization best.

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