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Understanding a Reverse Mortgage

By Charlestien Harris A lot of conversations have been happening around understanding how mortgages can be used as a financial tool to improve your financial health and possibly build your net worth.  So let’s dive in to get a better understanding of how a...

Understanding Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

By Charlestien Harris As a financial counselor, I get a lot of questions and concerns about which financial products can best suit my clients’ financial goals.  One such product of interest is the certificate of deposit or the CD as it is most-commonly...

Why Home Inspections Are Important for Buyers and Sellers

By Charlestien Harris In the excitement of buying or selling a home, people sometimes overlook an essential step in the process. However, it is very important that you schedule a home inspection whether you are the buyer or seller of a house. The inspection is an...

Economic opportunity means different things to different people. For some it’s starting a dream business or buying a new home, while others might need to start with credit counseling, financial education, or a simple checking account. Whatever your needs, from Banking to Borrowing or simply Learning, Southern Bancorp has you covered.

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From our mission to our markets, Southern Bancorp is a different kind of bank. Focusing on underserved communities, Southern combines traditional banking and lending services with financial development tools and public policy advocacy to help families and communities grow stronger.

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Consumer Alert: Scammers Posing as Utility Companies

Consumer Alert: Scammers Posing as Utility Companies

The recent winter weather caused millions of people to have issues with their water and heat. Sadly, but not surprisingly, scam artists are using this unfortunate situation to steal money and personal financial information. The Federal Trade Commission is warning...