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129 W. Shaw Ave.
Drew, MS. 38737
November 3,2006

A Note of Thanks to our Friends at Southern Development Bancorporation and Delta Southern Bank,

Our kindest thanks go out to you from this community for your efforts in helping us revitalize our city. A lot has happened in the town of Drew because of these efforts. Below is a summation of the last 4 years:

In 2002/2003 the surveys taken through the Delta Bridge Project and its subsequent completion helped us focus our immediate efforts and led us to form a 501-c3 corporations (Drew Enterprises, Inc.), enabling us to organize, restore and revitalize the downtown area. While we as a community had begun this process by reorganizing our Chamber of Commerce and implementing town beautification projects, the Project gave us insights into our area that needed addressing and still forms the basis for our future goals.

In 2003 the old Fred’s building was donated to Drew Enterprises. The grant Delta Southern provided plus the hard work of some dedicated volunteers of our community restored that building and today Monette Hospice occupies the site. This new business in our community now provides jobs for 30 full-time and 40 part-time employees.

In 2004 the old Dogwood Flowers building was acquired and restored. Through your generosity the People’s Choice Restaurant was born and Drew had a place to eat on Main St. once again. It employs 4 people.

The old Lewis Feed & Seed building was next. Today we use it as a community building for special occasions and as a Farmer’s Marlcet during the Summer/Fall seasons.

Using an architectural design provided by Mississippi Main Street curb extensions and a beautification project became possible because of Southern Development Bancorporation. Drew started to taken on a new look with this project and a new attitude could be seen and heard around the community. All of the sudden downtown was something to be proud of again.

Drew Enterprises acquired the Tractor Parts Building next and Delta Southern again helped us to shape up the building so it could be used. The building now houses a cabinet shop where Keith Beck builds custom cabinets.

This past year saw the acquisition and completion of two more buildings next door to Monette Hospice. Right after the restoration was complete, Mississippi Delta Community College contacted Drew about putting a collegiate satellite facility in Drew. These 2 buildings became the site for that facility. MDCC presently holds 20 classes with 17 faculty & administrative personnel, 140 students, plus a GED program so that area residents may receive a high school diploma. Drew has a community college and a resource to increase the education base of its citizens. There is also the very real possibility of the expansion of this facility in the very near future. Because of you.

At this time Drew Enterprises has 3 other buildings entering the restoration process and we hope to have these finished sometime in the next year. Again, because of you.

We have other plans to expand our commercial and educational resources even as this letter is written. Much of our ability to implement these future projects came from the assistance we received from you. Thank you for believing in us.


Steve Shurden
Drew Enterprises, Inc.
Drew Chamber of Commerce