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By Donna Hilton

With all the planning for the future taking place in Clark County, some confusion is perhaps inevitable, according to Dr. Wesley Kluck, one of the chairmen of the Clark County Strategic Planning Committee.

Kluck recently aided the Arkadelphia Planning Commission by distributing information about a design charrette for the Comprehensive Development Plan. The City of Arkadelphia has employed Urban Planning Associates of Little Rock to update the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan.

The charrette is a “brainstorming” session that will allow citizens input into the city’s Comprehensive Plan Project.

While some of the information revealed during the charrette may be adaptable to the Clark County Strategic Planning process, it is a separate event, Kluck said. “We are just cooperating and working with the Arkadelphia Planning Commission on getting the word out about this event.”

The charrette will include a short presentation on the plan, followed by work group sessions. Persons attending the meeting will be divided into groups who will use maps and date to create a design proposal to the Comprehensive Development Plan. At the end of the session, the groups will present their ideas and the information will be used to create the final plan.

While all ideas will be considered for inclusion in the overall plan, no one group’s plan will be chosen, according to information posted by Urban Planning Associates, the city’s chosen planner.

Those attending the charrette are asked to bring their imaginations and knowledge of the city and a positive attitude.
More information on the charrette and the city’s comprehensive plan update can be found on the City of Arkadelphia website

Sessions such as the charrette will help in creating Clark County’s Strategic Plan, Kluck said. “Hopefully as the Clark County Strategic Planning process moves along, many other related events such as this one will work hand in hand with the overall planning process,” he said.

The charrette will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Community Family Enrichment Center.