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Debit cards are a great way to pay for your purchases online and in stores. Here are some ways you can safeguard against debit card fraud:

Do not keep your card and your PIN together.

If possible, memorize your PIN and do not write it down.


Keep your card within your sight at all times.

It is very easy for a fraudster to swipe your card in his or her own card reader, gaining all the information contained in the magnetic strip.


When shopping online, use a credit card if possible.

Your debit card is linked directly to your checking account—if it is compromised, your funds are directly affected. Disputes are much easier with a credit card, and your money has not been stolen. If you are looking for a credit card, Southern Bancorp does offer that service! Learn more at Southern Bancorp Credit Card Services.


Be aware of your surroundings when at the ATM.

Look for out of place attachments, such as a hidden camera, or skimming device. Skimming devices may look out of place, or be loosely connected to the functional part of the payment machine. These devices are fairly sophisticated, and will allow your transaction to process, but save your information for the skimmer to pick up later. If you are in doubt, try moving the card reader—if there is a skimmer attached, it may come off with very little force. For more information, visit this US Secret Service document: Skimming Fraud. Also check to see if there could be a tiny camera hidden anywhere nearby to record the PIN number you enter. If you believe there could be, place some object between you and the suspected camera location as you enter your PIN.


Southern Bancorp continuously monitors its debit cards for possible fraud, so we may call you to verify whether you conducted certain transactions.

If we do contact you, we will not ask for any personal or confidential information; we will only ask if you attempted the transactions that appeared to be fraudulent.