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Gurdon, Ark. –

On Tuesday, November 17th, a meeting was held at Dino’s Main Street Café in Arkadelphia, to discuss housing a nurse practitioner in the Gurdon Clinic located on Second Street. At the present time, the Arkadelphia Clinic for Children and Young Adults ran by Dr. Wesley Kluck is using the clinic two – half days a week Monday and Friday.

Shelley Loe, from Southern Bancorp, brought the group together to see what measures might be taken to have a full time nurse practitioner housed in the clinic during the other days of the week.

“We have been working on bringing health care to Gurdon for several years,” said Lisa Turner, Gurdon Coordinated School Health Coordinator.

Greg Stubblefield, the Baptist Health Medical Center Administrator and Dr. McLane Simpson had previously worked in sending Dr. Simpson to Gurdon. According to Turner, the problem was that he was only able to be in Gurdon for half a day every other Thursday. This was just not enough to get a practice going.

Dr. Simpson and Dr. Shelley Perrin have graciously agreed to oversee a nurse practitioner in Gurdon. Greg Stubblefield is taking the next step by having a feasibility study done.

According to Turner the clinic already has an emergency room facility and quite a bit of equipment left from when it was in operation years ago.

“Having a general clinic in Gurdon, through the Baptist Medical Center in Arkadelphia has been an idea in process for at least three years now,” said Turner.

Loe is working on applying for several grants including the Ross Foundation and the local Horace C. Cabe grant.

The census around town is that a clinic would be a much needed asset to Gurdon. At a recent Rotary meeting, Tuner gave an update on where the clinic stood and was meet with positive feedback.. “It would be a drawing point to get some people back into the community,” said Rotarian Al Brown, “if we could offer somewhat of a medical facility.”

“While nothing is set in stone we have several avenues that we are looking at,” said Turner, “If everything falls into place as we are hoping such as financial backing and staffing, we could see the clinic opening in early 2010.”