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Carmen Morfin Villa

Name: Carmen Morfin Villa

Location: El Dorado, Arkansas

Goal Areas: Savings, Housing

Carmen Morfin Villa came to the United States with a desire to build a better life for her and her family. Yet, as hard as she worked, she found herself unable to grow financially because, as she soon found out, it’s hard to build credit if you’ve never had it.

That all changed one day when one of Southern’s Spanish-speaking employees overheard her talking to a friend in the bank’s lobby. She sought Carmen out, asked her whether she was a customer, and began a conversation about her financial health. Upon learning about her difficulties, she helped Carmen enroll in Southern’s Credit Builder CD program, which is a safe way to help people establish their credit.

Carmen used the program to not only establish and build her credit, but to later buy a home for her family. She is now on the path to building wealth, not only for her family today, but for her children into the future.