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Scammers try to reach the public through all types of media, but nothing is more enticing than someone telling you that you have won money. In the latest alert from the Federal Trade Commission, they warn consumers that scammers have been calling and posing as the Publisher’s Clearing House. In the call, they claim that you’ve won the sweepstakes! In order to collect the prize, you need to send money to pay for so-called fees and taxes.

Requesting a payment in order to release your prize is illegal.

Never send a money transfer, gift card, or cash to a person or business you don’t know.

If anyone offers you something in exchange for personal information or money, no matter who they claim to be, they are trying to scam you.

Please keep this in mind when answering calls from unknown numbers. If you get a call that you might think is a scam, please keep the information and report it to the FTC.

Read more on how people are posing as the Publisher’s Clearing House below.

Fake Publisher’s Clearing Housing Scams