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Southern Good Faith Fund (SGFF) became the administrative agency for Project Deserve, a fund established by Entergy Arkansas to help low-income, elderly, or disabled Arkansas residents pay their electric bills.

Qualified clients receive assistance in the form of grants that are reflected as non-refundable credits on customer accounts. SGFF and Entergy implemented a new, more efficient Web-based application to process applications, and have since processed more than 400 applications with total assistance granted of over $100,000.

For the past 24 years, the American Red Cross of Greater Arkansas administered the fund, deciding recently to emphasize its core mission and discontinue Project Deserve’s administration. Entergy accepted proposals from several agencies, and ultimately chose SGFF.

The mission of Southern Good Faith Fund is to increase the incomes and assets of low-income and low-skilled residents of the Delta in Arkansas and Mississippi. For more information on Southern Good Faith Fund, visit