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James L. Prouty

Sustainability-Finance-Real Economies (SFRE), CEO (Retired)

Jim Prouty, a native of New York and now a resident in London, is Chief Executive Officer of Sustainability-Finance-Real Economies (SFRE), an open-ended investment vehicle initiated by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) based in The Netherlands. The fund has raised $44 million from GABV members, foundations, churches, family home offices and high net worth individuals. The fund invests globally in sustainability-focused financial institutions that deliver positive social, environmental and economic outcomes in the communities they serve.

Jim has over 40 years of international corporate and investment banking experience gained primarily at Bank of America. As Senior Vice President of Continental Europe, Jim was responsible for centralizing the bank’s European back office operations into London, the first major foreign bank to do so. Jim was also Head of the bank’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Financial Institutions Group overseeing 1100 banking relationships in 40 countries.

Later, Jim joined Heller Financial and was appointed President of the Heller International Group (HIG) operating in 22 countries. During the last eight years Jim has become actively involved in the microfinance sector where he served as CEO of MicroCred Mexico and is now Chairman of Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Limited in India. He is also a Director of the Holding Company, BASIX Ltd., which oversees livelihood development companies actively involved in education, microfinance, food production, green industry initiatives and consulting to support the poorest of India’s population and the country’s emerging SME market.

Jim has been President of the US Chamber of Commerce in Brussels where he worked closely with the US Embassy to attract over $1 billion of investment into Belgium from international MNCs. Jim was also President of the American Council of European Chambers
of Commerce and was also appointed by the US Ambassador to be Chairman of the United States Trade and Investment Center, which focused on expanding trade with Central and Eastern Europe.

Jim has always been actively involved in community affairs in roles among others with United Way, Boy Scouts of America, Victim Support and The Duke of Edinburgh Award, which awards children for their personal development in the arts, education and sports.

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